Theeta has a dedicated team area for manufacturing various Industrial heating elements systems like finned, air, flanged heaters India.
Theeta are excellent finned heater suppliers in India. Finned heaters offer improved utility in terms of surface area and heat transfer rate for better heat discharge.
This kind of immersion heaters consists of a hairpin bent tubular heating element welded to an NPT fitting. Their NPT base enables them to directly screw or plug into the wall of the tank through a threaded opening. These heaters are ideal for applications requiring process water heating and freeze protection.
Fins: The material used in the fins and the outer sheath determines its durability as these layers are directly in contact with the medium being heated. The fins are crimped to the outer sheath and are generally made up of the same material to maintain a uniform watt density. Generally, steel sheath and steel fins are used for applications which require a maximum surface temperature of 750°F and stainless steel for applications requiring a surface temperature above it.
Theeta has a wide range of flameproof heating elements like flanged immersion heaters that are used in tanks and pressure vessels to heat gases and liquids.
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